HUM TV Entertainment presents a thought-provoking Pakistani Drama serial “Agar”, that comes with multiple noteworthy messages for individuals of all ages. The Drama revolves around the tale of three sisters, Qurrat ul ain (Ainee), a girl who lived in the shadows of her image and dignity, Hooriya, who lives in a world that only sees beauty, wealth, and leisure, and Chandni, who has lived her entire life being deprived of appreciation and under the shadows of her two elder sisters. As the story unfolds, we witness the consequences of their choices, made in stretched ambitions, but somehow inevitably belonging to the average strata of the society trying to make ends meet.

Annie, a school principal and the primary provider for her family has not married because of her responsibility as the eldest among her siblings. Shahwaiz, a teacher at her school, takes an active interest in her. Meanwhile, Annie’s younger sister Hooriya dreams of a luxurious lifestyle with her future husband after seeing her sister struggle for so long and being deprived of the family life every girl desires of. When she meets Farrukh, a young man who falls for her, Hooriya begins to envision this future with him. Annie’s youngest sister, Chandi, aspires to be as successful as her eldest sister. This desire stems from her mother’s disappointment when she was born a girl, as her mother had hoped for a son.

Directed by Ilyas Kashmiri, produced by Momina Duraid Productions, and written by Madiha Shahid, the drama serial Agar pledges a deep reflection on one’s choices and the forces that drive one to make them. Each character in the story has made certain choices for their own reasons but it turns out to be affecting not just them but others around them too. A scaffold of a situation where a single mother makes incautious decisions to keep the household running, but it affects the life of Ainee- the eldest daughter in a tragic manner.

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