With a celebrated ensemble cast of Usama Khan, Nabeel Zuberi, Muhammad Usama, Mashal Khan, Hina Afridi, Shamil Khan, Kinza Malik, Sabahat Adil Khan, Kacha Dhaga is a story of intense love and revenge. Produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, written by Raza Ahmed and directed by Abdullah Badeni this tale revolves around Hamdan and Arishma.

The story begins with the juxtaposed timelines of past and present where now Hamdan is a wealthy individual, who has recently returned from America. Flashbacks of his tormenting past keep haunting him, where he was denied marriage with the love of his life Arishma, by her father Jamal. Hamdan was heartbroken, and ever since he was unable to forget his public humiliation.

He was devastated after the refusal, and could not believe that his love for Arishma had been rejected by both her and her father. In dismay and anger he left the country to come back stronger. Filled with anger and a burning desire for revenge, Hamdan had planned his vengeance against Arishma’s family for years. The drama showcases the present of the families where years have gone by after the incident, and now Hamdan is back and has become a successful businessman. He had made a name for himself in the world, and had amassed a great fortune.

With an electrifying performance by Usama Khan Kacha Dhaga is already amongst the most favorite dramas among the masses. The cold essence of revenge and its perpetuation through his eyes is well presented by the actor in the character of Hamdan. His hard facial expressions have vividly manifested the hate and fire of revenge burning in Hamdan’s heart. Hina Afridi has also flawlessly played the role of Arishma with her innocent demeanor an subtle body language.

After all these years, Hamdan sends the proposal again to Arishma’s family and asks for her hand in marriage only to distress them later. He does not just stop there and begins to work on a plan to ruin Arishma’s family financially. He uses his wealth and influence to manipulate the markets, causing their businesses to affect eventually. Wil Hamdan’s drive for revenge leave him feeling empty and hollow? Or he will succeed in his malicious endeavors? To find out watch Kacha Dhaga, Monday to Friday 9pm, only on HUM TV.

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