The story of this drama revolves around Azmiya, played by Kinza Hashmi, a young, beautiful and innocent girl who falls prey to a wrong person. Azmiya is beloved by everyone in the family and was living her best life until fate turns her world upside down. HUM TV presents the drama Mere Ban Jao as a storyof love, conviction, deception and repercussions. Featuring the versatile Zahid Ahmed, Kinza Hashmi and Azfar Rehman in lead roles, the serial conveys avery important message related to the use of social media, repercussion of blind trust and sharing of personal and intimate moments in the virtual world without realizing the catastrophe it can cause and the impact it can have on one’s life.

Produced under the banners of Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions, the serial is written by Samira Fazal and directed by Ahmed Kamran. The talented cast of the show includes  Rabia Naureen, Ayesha Gul, Fazila Qazi, Qaiser Nizamani, Hira Tareen, Noman Habib, Afraz Rasool and others.

Every story of love and trust in the modern world reaches a point where the question of confidence arrive, and one of the partners stands at the edge of proving their trust or losing the relationship forever. But those fragile moments decide the future and strength of that relation in the long run. These are those thresholds that take the ties to an unexpected turn. The repercussions that follow can be life altering for someone, especially when you have to prove the presence of trust and love, that’s the point where it is already absent.

Azmiya stood on that point when her fiancé Fardeen, who is also her cousin asks her to share intimate moments with her virtually,  to which she resists but then agrees to his commands. Decisions made in those weak moments haunt her for the rest of her life. From losing trust of her family members to a heartbreak, Azmiya goes through worst of turmoil leading her to the prayers of quitting on life. The idea behind the topic is to realize and set boundaries for yourself and for the others around you to protect everything you hold dear.

The character of Zaki plays an angelic role in life of Azmiya, always being her guardian angel he helps her fight through this commotion as well. His advices keep priming Azmiya’s perspectives and actions consistently. He teaches her how setting boundaries can help women protect themselves from physical and emotional harm and saying “no” to unwanted physical contact or verbal abuse is an important way to establish boundaries that shield one’s security and well-being by protecting physical and emotional safety. Azmiya’s foresight grows after the tragedies she faced, that when women are clear about what they will and won’t tolerate in their relationships, they can build stronger, more respectful connections with others. She realizes that establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is crucial for everyone’s well-being, but it can be particularly important for women for several reasons.

Mere Ban Jao emphasizes on the fact that when women set and maintain boundaries, they send a message to themselves and others that they value themselves and their guards. This can help boost self-esteem and confidence, which can have a positive impact on all areas of life. The importance of boundaries in “Mere Ban Jao” lies in their ability to create conflict, drive the plot forward, and shape the relationships between the characters. By establishing clear boundaries between the families and the characters’ emotions, the show builds tension and suspense, keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story. Mere Ban Jao airs every Wednesday, 8 pm, only on HUM TV.

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