In the 12th century, as Crusader invasions wreak havoc on the Islamic world, causing disunity and chaos, many Islamic territories, including Jerusalem, fall under Crusader control. Amidst this despair, one individual emerges as a beacon of hope for Muslims: Nureddin Zengi. His mission is to unite the fractured Islamic world, drive out the Crusaders, and liberate Jerusalem from their oppression. However, he understands that this task cannot fall solely on his shoulders.

Nureddin Zengi, desiring a successor to carry on his legacy and cause, faces a tragic twist of fate when his own son, whom he believed would be the future of his state, dies at birth. On the same day, Yusuf, the son of his old friend Necmeddin Ayyub, is born. Yusuf’s birth is accompanied by a prophetic dream from his mother, Fatma Khatun, indicating his role in the liberation of Jerusalem. Convinced by his trust in his friend and the significance of Fatma’s dream, Necmeddin Ayyub agrees to entrust Yusuf to Nureddin Zengi, who raises him as his own son and heir to the cause of Jerusalem.

Despite the initial difficulty in parting with his son, Necmeddin Ayyub’s conviction in his friend’s vision and the prophetic nature of Fatma’s dream lead him to relinquish Yusuf to Nureddin Zengi’s care. From that day forward, Yusuf, now known as Salahuddin, is raised as Nureddin Zengi’s son, their true relationship kept secret. Thus begins a new chapter in Salahuddin’s life, shaped by Nureddin Zengi’s aspirations for him to be devoted to his faith and the cause of Jerusalem.

Salahuddin, guided by the words engraved in his soul by Nureddin Zengi, embarks on his journey towards his ultimate goal. However, he faces formidable obstacles along the way, including conflicts within his own family, the Ayyubi, and the relentless attacks of his enemies. Jerusalem serves as both the ultimate prize and the epicenter of Salahuddin’s arduous journey, with its fate resting in his hands.

Despite the challenges posed by conflicts with his father, Sultan Nureddin, romantic entanglements, and relentless adversaries, Salahuddin remains resolute in his pursuit of his ideals and his quest for love. Yet, amidst his struggles, a profound secret that has remained hidden from him begins to unravel, impacting his life in unforeseen ways.

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