Teri Chhaon Mein” promises a gripping story, exploring the dark side of disproportionate strictness and rebellious actions against it by the children and its harrowing consequences. As Wadeema, played by Laiba Khurram gets frustrated by the suffocating control of her father over her life, she finds refuge in Salaar’s love, played by the remarkable and dynamic actor Danish Taimoor.

The story revolves around the actions and consequences of a girl who has spent all her childhood and adolescence under the constant surveillance and control of her father, who is over protective of his wife and daughter. For that reason he has strict boundaries for both of them and in order to have a keen eye on them he has been working from home to not let them out of his sight even for a second.

Starring Danish Taimoor and Laiba Khurram together for the first time, the show offers a remarkable blend of talent and acting prowess with a powerful message for the audience. With a powerful script penned by Radain Shah and masterful direction by Abdullah Badini, “Teri Chaaon Mein” is filled with emotional peak and relentless pursuit for freedom.

Produced by the acclaimed Momina Duraid Productions, “Teri Chaaon Mein” also explores whether excessive surveillance and strictness on children can cause them to go relentlessly rebellious and that following the blind path of love can lead to one’s own downfall.

The drama highlights the importance of intuition and the often underestimated strength of parental love and support in times of crisis. The show’s compelling storyline and stellar cast promise a memorable viewing experience. Watch “Teri Chhaon Mein” every Thursday at 8 pm only HUM TV.

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