19 Years of Grandeur and Splendor: A Chronicle of International Recognition

Moeeza Arshad January 26, 2024


In the illustrious journey of HUM TV spanning 19 years, its foray into the global arena through the International HUM Awards stands out as a testament to the channel’s commitment to excellence in Pakistani entertainment. The inauguration of the International HUM Awards in 2015 in Dubai marked a historic moment for the channel, as it brought Pakistani talent into the international limelight for the first time. This milestone event paved the way for subsequent editions that showcased the diverse and exceptional talents within the Pakistani entertainment industry.

The 6th Hum Awards in Toronto, Canada (2018) continued this legacy, serving as a platform to highlight top Pakistani talent on a global stage. The event not only celebrated the achievements within the industry but also fostered cultural exchange and appreciation on an international level.

Taking the mission further, HUM TV hosted the 7th Hum Awards in Houston, USA in 2019. This event not only recognized outstanding Pakistani talent but also served as a bridge between cultures, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich narratives and performances emanating from Pakistan.

A significant milestone was achieved with the 8th Hum Awards in Toronto, Canada (2022). This edition not only honored excellence in music, fashion, and TV dramas but also underscored the global impact and recognition that HUM TV has garnered over the years. The event celebrated outstanding achievements, solidifying HUM TV‘s position as a key player in the global entertainment landscape.

Through these international awards, HUM TV has not only elevated the status of Pakistani entertainment but has also created a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and appreciation. The channel’s dedication to recognize and celebrate talent on a global stage has not only contributed to the growth of the industry but has also enhanced Pakistan’s presence in the international entertainment scene.

As HUM TV continues to fascinate audiences worldwide, the International HUM Awards remain a beacon of achievement, reflecting the channel’s commitment to promoting Pakistani talent and storytelling on a global scale. The awards serve as a symbol of recognition, uniting diverse audiences in the celebration of the artistry and cultural richness that HUM TV brings to the world.

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