A flashback to Sahira’s heartless journey

Moeeza Arshad April 15, 2023


Sahira has been playing with people’s hearts and lives all her life. A cunning girl who left no stone unturned to get what she wanted even at the cost of others. She has always deceived people including her own family by constantly lying to them and manipulated people for her personal gains.

She used all malicious ways to get whatever she lacks through different ploys. A story of greed and deception, the serial shed light on malicious motives of people and repercussions of blind trust and its effects on the generations to come.

Sahira wanted it all and didn’t care who got hurt in the way and was never a good daughter, sister or a good wife. She was born in a poor family and had improbable dreams of getting rich by means of deception and ploys. She used her beauty as a weapon to pierce through people’s hearts and lives. Preying on two brothers one after the other, Sahira destroyed the familial bond for her treacherous reasons and tore the family apart.

Zaid, younger brother of Waleed fell prey to Sahira’s gambits first, and was heartbroken after her deception. When she found out that the money and power revolve around the elder brother Waleed, she left Zaid with chicanery. The same fate followed Waleed, when Sahira deliberately entered his life and persuaded him into her charms.

The story continued to reveal the tragic destruction of the families on account of Sahira’s actions. The anticipation that Sahira might change her ways when she becomes a mother also ended when she abandoned her daughter heartlessly to carry on with her selfish endeavours. People continued to perish around her but nothing seemed to halt her conducts on being callous and putting herself above everything, even above morality.

Drama’s period was then shifted to the decades later era, where Sahira now had her own daughters Saliha, Haniya and Zoya, among which the eldest one turned out to be an exact shadow of Sahira who gave her a taste of her own medicine.

Haniya on the other hand, grew up to be the exact opposite of her mother and sister. The story continued to convolute when they all grew up, and their life started to intertwine with each other again.

The objective behind embodying the journey of a covetous person like Sahira is to stipulate the awareness around the phenomenon, that when you continue to extrapolate your ambitions at the cost of other’s lives and emotions, the damage that is been done is irreversible and somehow comes back to you mutated and multiplied.

The idea is to noticeably present before the audience, all the repercussions that follow the actions of people driven by greed and gluttony, for cathartic purposes and to analyse the harm it can potentially cause.

After reaching a certain age and being through countless situations where she could have altered her ways, Sahira appears to be unbothered by any calamity plunged her way. Will there be any point in her life or any situation related to her kids which will transform her into a better person? Or will she continue to be astray from the right path and watch Saliha follow her footsteps to the same end? To find out. watch Meesni, after 3rd day of Eid, every day at 7pm, only on HUM TV.

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