Adnan Malik on Creating Conscious Communities

Moeeza Arshad August 25, 2023

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Pakistani actor Adnan Malik has returned from a transformative journey in Europe, aiming to establish “safe spaces” locally for conversations surrounding mental health and emotional consciousness. Through his Instagram posts, he shared insights gained during his training in nervous system regulation, cosmic remembrance, self-initiation, and manifestation work.


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Adnan intends to create a conscious community in Pakistan, fostering exchanges of ideas and tools that support personal growth and connection, especially emphasizing healthy boundaries and consent. In his pursuit to initiate discussions about mental well-being, Adnan drew from his training in nervous system regulation and various consciousness-related concepts. He envisions these spaces as platforms for exchanging ideas and experiences, ultimately fostering a stronger sense of community and emotional awareness in Pakistan. His commitment to advocating healthy boundaries and consent reflects his dedication to empower both men and women.

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