Ahsan Mohsin pens down an emotional message for Minal

Moeeza Arshad November 3, 2023


Ahsan Mohsin, the proud father, poured his heart out in a touching and emotional message following the birth of his son, Muhammad Hasan Ikram. In a heartwarming post, he expressed his profound gratitude and happiness, saying, “By the grace of Allah, I have been blessed to have you in my life, my son.” Ahsan’s words reflected the anticipation and love he had for his child, having waited patiently for the right moment to welcome him into the world. He affectionately referred to his son as the star of his life and pledged unwavering support, declaring that he would not just be a father but a best friend to his beloved child.

Ahsan’s message was also a heartfelt tribute to his wife, Minal Khan, for giving him the most precious gift one could ever receive. His words were a testament to the deep love and appreciation he held for her, expressing that he was forever indebted to her. The post was met with a flood of well-wishes from friends, family, and admirers, underscoring the joyous occasion of Muhammad Hasan’s birth and the love that surrounded this beautiful family. Ahsan’s message serves as a heartwarming reminder of the profound emotions and connections that come with the arrival of a new life.

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