Aiman & Muneeb welcome their Second Child

Moeeza Arshad August 7, 2023


In a heartwarming moment that has captured the hearts of fans and well-wishers, Aiman and Muneeb, the beloved celebrity couple, have joyfully welcomed their second child into the world. The couple’s delight knows no bounds as they introduce their beautiful baby girl, Miral, to the world. This new addition to their family has brought immeasurable joy and happiness, as evident from the blissful wishes and loving embraces shared by Aiman and Muneeb.


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Muneeb, the proud father, couldn’t contain his excitement as he took to social media to share an adorable picture with his precious bundle of joy, Miral. The pictures showcase tender moments between father and daughter, capturing the essence of the profound bond they already share. The couple’s fans and followers flooded the comments section with congratulatory messages and well wishes, celebrating this blissful chapter in their lives. As the world joins in their celebration, Aiman and Muneeb’s journey into parenthood once again reminds us of the joy and love that new life brings, filling our hearts with hope and warmth for the future.

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