Ali Zafar Hails the rising star of the industry

Moeeza Arshad October 10, 2023


In a recent social media post Ali Zafar took to his platform to sing praises for none other than Mamya Shajaffar. Already making waves in the industry as a talented actress, Mamya currently graces the screens as Noori in HUM TV’s blockbuster drama serial Jhok Sarkar.’ What makes Ali Zafar’s endorsement even more exciting is that it comes on the heels of their electrifying performance together at the 22nd Lux Style Awards 2023. Mamya Shajaffar’s role as Noori in Jhok Sarkar has garnered her a dedicated following and critical acclaim, and her on-stage chemistry with Ali Zafar at the Lux Style Awards only added to the intrigue.


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Ali Zafar’s heartfelt post introducing Mamya as a rising star solidifies her status as an emerging talent to watch out for in the industry. With her acting prowess and the Mamya Shajaffar is undoubtedly on the path to even greater success in the world of Pakistani entertainment. Mamya Shajaffar’s rapid ascent to recognition and Ali Zafar’s endorsement is undoubtedly a testament to her remarkable abilities. While details about Mamya’s career and projects are still emerging, the industry is abuzz with speculation about what more this rising star might bring to the table.

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