Behind the scenes – Cast celebrates the success of Fareb

Moeeza Arshad October 17, 2023


In a glitzy behind-the-scenes affair, the cast and crew of the hit drama serial “Fareb” gathered to celebrate their resounding success. The TV series, which has been loved by millions, has consistently garnered high viewership and critical acclaim. The stars of “Fareb” could be seen jubilant as they reveled in their triumph, with jubilant smiles and camaraderie painting the scene.

Fareb,” a gripping drama filled with twists and turns, has kept viewers on the edge of their seats, and the celebration behind the scenes was a testament to the hard work and dedication put into making this compelling story come to life. With the show’s popularity soaring, fans can hardly wait for the upcoming episodes every Sunday at 9:00 PM on HUM TV. As the drama continues to enthrall audiences, it’s evident that “Fareb” has not only touched hearts but also made an indelible mark on Pakistan’s television landscape. Don’t miss out on the excitement; be sure to tune in and join the ever-growing fan base of this mesmerizing drama series.

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