Dananeer Mobeen & Khushhal Khan share their off screen camaraderie

Moeeza Arshad September 15, 2023


Dananeer Mobeen and Khushhal Khan, the dynamic duo from HUM TV’s drama serial “Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri,” have given fans a delightful glimpse into their off-screen camaraderie. Dananeer recently shared a fun behind-the-scenes video on her social media, capturing the playful interaction between the two actors. In the video, Khushhal Khan mischievously peeks through the frame of her shoot scene, prompting Dananeer to respond with a friendly yet annoyed stare. Her caption playfully read, “POV, your friends never let you shoot in peace,” along with a question asking if anyone else had such annoying friends.


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Khushhal Khan, known for his wit and humor, couldn’t resist responding to Dananeer’s post. He cheekily replied, “you are asking this?” implying that, in good spirits, Dananeer herself might be the one who annoys everyone the most. Their lighthearted banter and camaraderie off-screen offer fans a refreshing look at the bond between co-stars, and it’s clear that their friendship adds an extra layer of charm to the success of “Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri.” Their playful interactions continue to be a source of entertainment for their dedicated fan base.

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