Eagerly awaited Drama Serial Zulm’s OST Out Now!

Moeeza Arshad October 25, 2023


Exciting news for fans of HUM TV’s upcoming drama series ‘ZULM‘! The official soundtrack for the show has been released, and it’s already making waves in the entertainment world. Featuring the melodious voices of Yashal Shahid and Atif Ali, the OST is a harmonious blend of their singing talents, accompanied by the brilliant composition of Atif Ali and heartfelt lyrics by Wardha. The power of music to touch souls is undeniable, and the ‘ZULM‘ OST is no exception.

As fans listen to the brilliant melody, they’ll undoubtedly be transported into the world of the drama and its intricate themes of justice and resilience. With the combination of exceptional vocalists, a talented composer, and evocative lyrics, the ‘ZULM‘ OST sets the stage for a euphonic audio experience that mirrors the emotional depth of the series itself. It’s a compelling addition to the overall narrative, leaving viewers even more eagerly awaiting the drama’s premiere.

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