Fahad Hussayn’s 15-Year Fashion Journey Unveils at HUM Bridal Couture Week 2023

Moeeza Arshad December 14, 2023


Celebrating a remarkable milestone in a journey filled with passion and perseverance, renowned fashion designer Fahad Hussayn reflects on 15 years in the dynamic realm of fashion. His career, marked by a blend of exuberant joy and challenging moments, encapsulates the essence of dedication to a craft that often mirrors the complexity of an enthusiast, cheering for prosperity amid internal struggles. From childhood aspirations Fahad Hussayn’s trajectory led him to the world of art and craft, ultimately settling on a path as a fashion designer. The scrapbooks cherished by his mother hold notes of encouragement, foretelling a future of grandeur, while unspoken skepticism fueled his determination to prove the naysayers wrong.


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In a momentous celebration of his creative journey, Fahad Hussayn presents “The Collateral Convention” S/S 2024, a collection woven from the threads of his brand’s glorious past. This exclusive showcase promises to unfold the narrative from the creative director’s desk, offering a glimpse into the memories and inspirations that have shaped Fahad Hussayn’s unique design philosophy. Fashion enthusiasts can anticipate an enigmatic experience as the collection takes center stage at the solo show on December 15th, during the 21st HUM Bridal Couture Week, where the designer’s 15-year legacy will be celebrated through a tapestry of artistic expression and sartorial storytelling.

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