Fairy Tale Season 2 – Coming Soon

Moeeza Arshad July 12, 2023


A resounding success as a Ramzan special show, Fairy Tale broke the records of viewership following during its runtime. Receiving the enormous love and appreciation from the audiences, it became the prime rom-com series keeping the viewers hooked to their screens till the very end. Even after the end of season one, the love continued pouring, leaving the audience yearning for more. Listening to the entreaties of the audience, HUM TV is all set to put forward the sequel of Fairy Tale, sooner than expected.

With the release of the cast OST, the air is stirred once again, fanning the anticipation of season 2 even more. With the release of new audios and videos, HUM TV has answered the audience’s plea and have announced that the much anticipated season 2 of Fairy Tale is coming to your screens shortly. The first look of the sequel released in a fun activity teaser, promising to continue the legacy of amusing comedy and heartfelt romance.

The contrasting duo of Umeed and Farjad, with the personalities poles apart, will fill you with laughs and gags. From the hilarious tiffs to the emotive tension between the two, the show guarantees twice the fun and entertainment. If you haven’t already, watch the first episode of Fairy Tale season one and join the elation and fathom what it is about.

With an enormous number of people making reels with the warm melody of the cast OST of Fairy Tale 2, the love seems to be already in the air. As the viewers wait on the edge of their seats for the final teaser and trailers of the show, the hysteria continue to rise. Stay connected to all our social media platforms as the release of the sequel is not very far, and the much anticipated show is coming to your screens very soon!

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