Get Ready for an Eid ul Azha Filled with Entertainment on HUM TV!

Moeeza Arshad June 14, 2024


As Eid-ul-Azha approaches, HUM TV is all geared up to offer an exciting lineup of movies, telefilms, and award shows to ensure your celebrations are filled with entertainment. From comedic adventures to thrilling dramas and glamorous award shows, there’s something for everyone. Here’s what to expect from the house of HUM:


Tum Se Na Ho Paye Ga
Kick off your Eid festivities with a laugh-out-loud supernatural adventure in “Tum Se Na Ho Paye Ga.” This telefilm stars Muneeb Butt, Yashma Gill, Nadia Khan, and Raza Zaidi, and promises unexpected twists and a lot of humor. Tune in on the first day of Eid at 6 PM only on HUM TV.

Wo Saat Din
Romance and comedy come together in “Wo Saat Din,” featuring the charming Alizeh Shah and Usama Khan. This delightful story will make you laugh and fall in love. Don’t miss it on the third day of Eid at 9 PM on HUM TV.

Janay Kon Thi Haseena
For those who enjoy a mix of horror and comedy, “Janay Kon Thi Haseena” is the perfect pick. Starring Sonya Hussyn and Khaqan Shahnawaz, this telefilm revolves around a mysterious pizza delivery girl. Tune in on the third day of Eid at 7 PM to find out what happens next!

Nayab Television Premiere:
Prepare to be thrilled by the television premiere of “Nayab,” starring Yumna Zaidi and Usama Khan. This film, which won the Best Foreign Film award at the Cannes Film Festival 2024, follows the inspiring story of Nayab, a young woman whose passion for cricket drives her to challenge gender stereotypes. Experience this unforgettable cinematic journey on the first day of Eid at 8 PM, only on HUM TV.

Kashmir HUM Style Awards :
One of the most anticipated fashion and entertainment events in Pakistan, the Kashmir HUM Style Awards 2024, is set to air on the second day of Eid ul Azha. Scheduled for June 18th, the event promises an evening of glamour, fashion, and celebration. The red carpet will begin at 7:30 PM, followed by the main show at 8 PM exclusively on HUM TV.

The Kashmir HUM Style Awards have consistently been a platform where fashion icons and trendsetters are celebrated, making it a highlight of the Eid festivities. Viewers can expect a dazzling array of stars and stylish appearances as celebrities gather to honor outstanding achievements in fashion and style. Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable Eid ul Azha filled with entertainment, glamour, and style, only on HUM TV!

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