Hania Amir Joins the Barbie fervor

Moeeza Arshad July 18, 2023


All-time favorite Pakistani actress, Hania Amir, has jumped on board the Barbie fever as the highly anticipated Barbie movie release draws near. Hania recently took to Instagram to share stunning pictures of herself adorned in a beautiful pink dress and glittering pink shoes, setting social media abuzz with excitement. Alongside the adoring images, the actress added a thought-provoking caption that read, “Barbie in an Oppenheimer world,” cleverly alluding to the simultaneous release of both movies on the same date or maybe more between the lines.

Hania also shared a video before the aforementioned post saying “Hi Barbie” showing her enthusiastic interest in the upcoming movie. Amir’s Instagram posts has sent fans into a frenzy, further fueling the already mounting anticipation surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie.

With her fashion-forward style and enchanting presence, the actress’s endorsement of the Barbie fever has only intensified the excitement among moviegoers. As the release date approaches, the simultaneous unveiling of both movies promises to be a cinematic spectacle, and Hania Amir’s participation in the Barbie hype has added an extra layer of glamour and intrigue to this highly anticipated event. Movie enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly await the arrival of these two cinematic ventures, ready to immerse themselves in the fantastical world of Barbie.

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