HUM Telefilms premiering this Eid

Moeeza Arshad June 26, 2023


Always being at the forefront, to provide the best entertainment for our audience on every occasion HUM TV has never failed to make your days even more special. Eid-ul-Adha is not just a time for festivities and celebrations, but also a time for premieres of captivating telefilms that captivate audiences with their intriguing storylines. This year, HUM Telefilms is all set to engross viewers with two exciting releases, “Tamak Toiyan” and “Good Morning Sasu Maa.” These telefilms promise to offer a perfect blend of entertainment, humor, and heartfelt moments, making this Eid-ul-Adha a truly memorable one for television viewers.

“Tamak Toiyan” tells the story of two friends who aspire to attain wealth, luxury, and find their ideal life partners. Their lives take an unexpected turn when a young and beautiful girl, along with her ailing father, becomes their neighbor. The girl’s father possesses a valuable insurance policy worth crores, becoming the object of the friends’ desires. Both friends compete to take care of the father, hoping to win the affections of the girl. However, the situation takes a twist when the girl abandons them once her father recovers his health. The telefilm boasts a talented ensemble cast including Shehzad Sheikh, Sonya Hussain, Shamoon Abbasi, Saba Hameed, and others, ensuring a delightful and engaging experience for the viewers.

“Good Morning Sasu Maa” revolves around a young girl pursuing a modeling career, who unexpectedly receives an offer to replace a renowned morning show host. The twist lies in the fact that the host she is replacing happens to be her future mother-in-law. To complicate matters further, the girl attempts to hide her job offer from her would-be husband, hastily agreeing to marry him. However, the chaos unfolds when she eventually appears on television as the new morning show host. Will her mother-in-law accept her as a replacement, or will their household turn into a grand morning show itself? Starring Muneeb Butt, Sania Saeed, Madiha Imam, and other talented actors, this telefilm promises laughter, love, and unexpected surprises.


With the premiere of “Tamak Toiyan” and “Good Morning Sasu Maa” this Eid-ul-Adha, HUM Telefilms is all set to offer audiences an enjoyable and entertaining experience. These telefilms not only bring together talented actors but also weave engaging narratives that combine humor, emotions, and unexpected twists. As viewers gather with their families during this joyous occasion, these telefilms promise to provide the perfect entertainment that will keep everyone engaged and leave them with a lasting impression. So, mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with HUM Telefilms’ exciting lineup, full of laughter, love, and entertainment.

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