HUM TV Reaches Atop with 5 Million Instagram Following

Moeeza Arshad July 2, 2024


HUM TV, Pakistan’s premier entertainment network, has touched a significant milestone by reaching 5 million followers on Instagram. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the channel’s widespread popularity and its ability to engage a diverse audience through high-quality digital content. Known for its brilliant dramas, and a keen focus on social issues, HUM TV has consistently delivered programming that resonates with viewers both domestically and internationally.

Chief Content Officer and Head of Digital at HUM TV, Maimona Siddiqui shared her delight over the milestone, stating,

“Reaching 5 million followers on Instagram is a proud moment for all of us at HUM. It reflects our audience’s appreciation for the quality and diversity of our programming. Our content is designed to inspire, entertain, and reflect societal values, and this achievement shows that we are successfully connecting with our viewers. We look forward to continuing to push creative boundaries and deliver shows that resounds the ethos of HUM.”

The channel’s success on social media can be attributed to its strategic approach to digital engagement. Feedback like this, where fanbase continuously grows with time also gives a benchmark to devise new strategies aptly. By leveraging Instagram’s visual-centric platform, HUM TV has effectively showcased behind-the-scenes glimpses, exclusive content, and interactive posts that keep the audience invested.

This approach has not only strengthened viewer loyalty but also attracted new followers, contributing to the network’s growing digital footprint. The active engagement with fans through comments, live sessions, and user-generated content has created a vibrant community that feels personally connected to the brand.

In response to reaching 5 million followers on Instagram, General Manager of the Digital Department at HUM TV, Raheel Boricha, remarked,

“This milestone is a testament to our team’s hard work and strong belief in the power of social media. Our goal has always been to connect with our viewers in multiple ways, and reaching 5 million followers is a clear indication that we are on the right path. We are immensely grateful to our loyal fans for their continued support and engagement. As we move forward, we are committed to the imperative of digital presence and aim to grow bigger over time.”

Reaching 5 million followers is not just a numerical achievement but a testament to HUM TV’s influence in the digital age. It highlights the channel’s ability to adapt to audiences preferred content consumption, trends and the importance of a robust online presence in today’s entertainment landscape.

The Social Media Manager at HUM TV, Erphan Qayyum, expressed his enthusiasm, saying,

“Hitting 5 million followers on Instagram is an incredible achievement for us. It demonstrates the strong bond we have built with our audience through engaging and relevant content. We are thrilled to see such a positive response and are excited to continue innovating and connecting with our audience in new and exciting ways.”

As HUM TV continues to expand its reach, this milestone serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of compelling storytelling and the power of social media in amplifying a brand’s voice.

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