Imran Ashraf grateful for warm reception of Namak Haram

Moeeza Arshad November 7, 2023


Imran Ashraf, the acclaimed actor known for his outstanding performances as Bhola, Moosa, Adam and now Mureed, has extended his heartfelt gratitude to the audience for their overwhelming love and appreciation for the first episode of his latest drama, “Namak Haram.” The highly anticipated series, which premiered on Friday, November 3rd, received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers, affirming Imran Ashraf’s growing popularity in the world of Pakistani television dramas.


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The debut episode of “Namak Haram” appears to have struck a chord with the audience, thanks to its engaging storyline and the stellar performances of Imran Ashraf and the rest of the cast. Imran’s character, Mureed, and the intriguing narrative seem to have captured the viewers’ hearts, setting the stage for an exciting and emotionally charged journey. As the drama continues to unfold, fans can expect a compelling tale of vengeance and redemption, and they eagerly await each new episode, looking forward to the next chapter in this enthralling story.

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