Jannat Mirza recreates the Iconic Look on Sister’s Wedding

Moeeza Arshad February 14, 2024


TikTok sensation Jannat Mirza recently set the internet ablaze with her stunning recreation of Deepika Padukone’s iconic look from the movie ‘Om Shanti Om.’ Jannat Mirza, known for her impeccable style and knack for recreating celebrity looks, donned the attire for her sister’s Bollywood Night party. Embodying the elegance and grace of Padukone’s character, Shanti Priya, Jannat Mirza effortlessly channeled the Bollywood diva’s charisma and charm.


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Jannat Mirza’s attention to detail was commendable as she meticulously replicated Padukone’s hairstyle, makeup, and attire, capturing the essence of the beloved character. From the intricate jewelry to the classic red saree, every aspect of Jannat Mirza’s ensemble paid homage to the timeless beauty of Deepika Padukone’s portrayal. Fans and followers were quick to shower Jannat Mirza with praise, applauding her for bringing a touch of Bollywood glamour to the party and showcasing her admiration for one of the most iconic characters of all time.

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