Kinza Hashmi and Azaan Sami Khan Pairing Up in HUM TV Project

Moeeza Arshad June 25, 2024


The dynamic pairing of Kinza Hashmi and Azaan Sami Khan has sparked excitement among television drama enthusiasts with their upcoming project on HUM TV. The actors recently took to their Instagram handles to unveil their character names, Asad and Wafa, along with an amorous photo that radiates chemistry and anticipation. Kinza, who is currently winning hearts with her performance in “Khushboo Mein Basay Khat,” and Azaan, known for his role in “Ishq-e-Laa,” are set to bring a fresh wave of romance and intrigue to the small screen. The announcement has already generated a buzz, with fans eagerly speculating about the storyline and the dynamics between the new on-screen couple.


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As the excitement builds, audiences are eager to see how Kinza and Azaan’s characters will navigate their love story in the new series. The beautiful portrayal of Asad and Wafa drenched in love has heightened expectations for an emotionally gripping narrative. The chemistry between the two actors, evident from their promotional picture, promises to deliver a compelling and enchanting viewing experience. As more details about the project remain under wraps, the anticipation continues to grow, making this new HUM TV drama one of the most awaited releases. With their previous successful projects, the collaboration between Kinza Hashmi and Azaan Sami Khan is set to be a significant highlight in the television landscape.

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