Kinza Hashmi paired up with Karan Wahi in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s new track

Moeeza Arshad August 17, 2023


In a cross-border collaboration that has taken both music and entertainment enthusiasts by storm, Pakistani actress Kinza Hashmi has joined forces with popular Indian actor Karan Wahi for a mesmerizing new track titled “Mere Ho Jao.” The song, sung by the renowned Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, has swiftly captured the hearts of audiences on both sides of the border. The unlikely pairing of Hashmi and Wahi has proven to be a delightful surprise, infusing the music video with an enchanting blend of chemistry and talent.


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“Mere Ho Jao” presents a harmonious fusion of soulful vocals, heartwarming lyrics, and picturesque visuals. The track’s soothing melodies, backed by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s timeless voice, evoke a sense of serenity and longing. Kinza Hashmi and Karan Wahi’s on-screen chemistry adds an element of relatability to the storyline, resonating with listeners who appreciate the universal themes of love and togetherness. The collaboration has not only showcased the power of music to transcend geographical boundaries but has also highlighted the shared cultural affinity between the states.

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