Mawra Hussain shares adorable moments from the sets of Neem

Moeeza Arshad August 9, 2023


In a heartwarming display of camaraderie and affection, Mawra Hussain, the beloved protagonist of the most thoughtful drama serial “Neem,” recently treated her fans to a glimpse of the magic behind the scenes. Known for her thoughtful performances, Mawra has consistently shared her admiration for the picturesque landscapes and inviting weather of Kashmir, where the show is set. From the inception of “Neem,” she has cherished every aspect of her shooting experience in the region, considering herself fortunate to be working amidst the breathtaking beauty. Mawra’s enthusiasm for the opportunity to spend her summer in Kashmir for work echoes her dedication to her craft and the love she holds for the place.


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Taking to her Instagram account, Mawra Hussain shared an endearing candid moment that has captured the hearts of her followers. The video showcases Mawra alongside a young co-star named Adyan, who is slated to make his appearance in the upcoming episodes of “Neem.” Mawra affectionately introduced the budding actor as her “little friend” and subtly hinted at his future role in the drama. Her caption gushed with adoration as she expressed her deep fondness for the young talent, leaving no doubt about the genuine connection between the two. The glimpse into this heartwarming interaction not only offers a peek into the camaraderie on set but also reinforces the adorable bond that actors share, even with their youngest co-stars.

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