Maya Ali Celebrates Sisterhood and Camaraderie with Ayeza Khan and Friends

Moeeza Arshad September 28, 2023


In a heartwarming display of friendship and camaraderie, actress Maya Ali shared a touching moment with her peers, including the renowned Ayeza Khan. Maya took to social media to express her deep appreciation for the women who have inspired and supported her throughout her journey. In a heartfelt message, she thanked Ayeza Khan for her trust and dedication in a collaborative campaign, emphasizing the strong bond they share both personally and professionally. Maya’s message exuded admiration for Ayeza, referring to her as a “super woman” and celebrating the enduring beauty of their friendship.


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But the love and gratitude didn’t stop there. Maya also extended her appreciation to Zainab and Ansa Qadeer, considering them not only as friends but also as sisters and business partners. She commended their leadership and the graceful way they balance their professional and personal lives. This heartwarming display of sisterhood and mutual support is a reminder of the strong connections that can be forged in the entertainment industry beyond the camera lens.

As Maya Ali celebrates the cherished relationships in her life, fans of the actress are also eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the hit drama series “Yunhi.” This Sunday marks the end of this ardent love story that has left an indelible mark on viewers. As Maya Ali continues to shine both on and off the screen, her message of appreciation for her peers reminds us of the importance of collaboration, support, and the enduring bonds formed in the world of entertainment. Don’t miss the finale of “Yunhi” this Sunday at 8 pm, only on HUM TV, as it promises to be a fitting conclusion to this remarkable series.

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