Mere Ban Jao – What will Azmiya do to protect her integrity?

Moeeza Arshad May 12, 2023


Now with Fardeen intimidating Azmiya with the forged videos and leverage, what will Azmiya do next to protect herself from dismay? Azmiya was always a pious and simple girl, while being engaged to Fardeen she always gave in to the demands and wishes of Fardeen. Little did she know that he will be immoral enough to record their intimate moments and then threaten her to damage her honor with that.

Azmiya had to go through multiple torments because of Fardeen. She had to save her integrity from his constant attempts to make her compromise her dignity. From losing her family by running away from the turmoil, to coming back with shattered respect, she had to go through all the agony, all by herself. The only person who was always by her side in the time of these adversities was Zaki.

Now Fardeen is crossing all limits to sabotage Azmiya’s sanctity for his revenge. With the forged leverage, he is threatening her to oblige by all of his wicked desires or he will humiliate her in front of the whole world. Being compelled at the hands of Fardeen, Azmiya is out of all options but to listen to him. What possible way out will she choose to save herself from his malicious ploys?

Will she be able to disarm him with all the leverage he has or will she give in to his commands being his pawn? To find out, watch Mere Ban Jao, every Wednesday at 8pm, only on HUM TV.

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