Nadia Afghan wishes Farhan and Urwa in the most endearing way

Moeeza Arshad October 12, 2023


Nadia Afghan, the acclaimed actress who portrayed the role of Farhan’s character, Arsal’s mother in the beloved HUM TV drama serial “Suno Chanda,” extended her warm and endearing wishes to the expecting couple Farhan and Urwa in a manner that resonated with the sentimental depth of her on-screen persona. Nadia took to the comments section of Farhan’s pregnancy announcement and shared a message that was nothing short of heartwarming. She addressed Farhan as “Sallu puttar,” a term of affection, and conveyed her heartfelt congratulations.

Nadia’s message, though delivered with a touch of humor, reflects the bond that was formed during the filming of “Suno Chanda.” Fans of the drama will surely appreciate the connection between the on-screen mother-son duo, and Nadia Afghan’s message is a heartwarming reminder of the enduring relationships that can be nurtured in the world of entertainment. As Farhan and Urwa’s exciting journey into parenthood continues to gather warmth and good wishes, Nadia Afghan’s message adds a special touch of nostalgia and affection to the online celebration surrounding the couple’s announcement.

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