Neem – On your Screens Tonight !

Moeeza Arshad June 5, 2023


In the realm of television dramas, where narratives mirror the complexities of real-life, a new masterpiece is set to captivate audiences with its powerful storyline and profound message. HUM TV’s latest drama “Neem,” releasing tonight, delves into the battle for justice and centers around the indomitable spirit of  Zimal, as she embarks on a noble quest. With its compelling narrative and heartfelt performances, “Neem” promises to leave viewers inspired and yearning for positive change in society.

The success of “Neem” lies not only in its compelling storyline but also in the stellar performances by the cast. Accomplished actors bring the characters to life with their nuanced portrayals, infusing the drama with a depth of emotions that resonates with viewers. The production values, direction, and cinematography will further enhance the overall viewing experience.

Written by Kashif Anwer, directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, the talented cast of Neem includes, Syed Jibran, Mawra Hussain, Arslan Naseer, Hani Taha, Maryam Nafees, Shamyl Khan, Ameer Gilani, Adeel Khan, Ismat Zaidi, Alamdar Khan, Areeba Tirmizi, Tahira Shahzad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi & Others. In conversation with Arsalan Naseer we asked him about his character and experience and he shared that it was an absolute pleasure and he is looking forward to it.

Neem” takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, as the serial beautifully portrays the struggles, sacrifices, and unwavering belief that strive can be a catalyst for transformation and social upliftment. The drama delves into the socio-economic disparities that plague our society and highlights the uphill battle faced by those who strive to break free from the shackles of ignorance. Zimal’s relentless pursuit not only becomes a symbol of hope for the oppressed, but also exposes the deep-rooted injustices prevalent in the society.

With its compelling storyline centered around the battle for justice, heartfelt drama and the relentless pursuit of change, “Neem” promises to be a drama serial that leaves an indelible mark on viewers’ hearts and minds. Through this innovative narrative, the drama challenges societal norms and urges us to strive for a more equitable and inclusive future. Tune in to HUM TV, tonight at 8pm and watch the most eagerly awaited drama serial, Neem.

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