New Drama Serial ‘Sultanat’ Set to Air Soon on HUM TV

Moeeza Arshad April 4, 2024


‘Sultanat’, HUM TVs upcoming drama serial, promises an intriguing exploration of familial dynamics, set to unfold on screens soon. Helmed by director Shah Hussain and produced by MD Productions, the series boasts a compelling narrative penned by renowned writer Noor Ul Huda Shah. With a talented ensemble cast including Saba Faisal, Humayun Ashraf, Maha Hasan, and others, ‘Sultanat’ is poised to delve deep into the intricate interplay of power and control within family structures.

As the story unfurls, viewers will be drawn into a world rife with tension, where relationships are tested and alliances shift amidst the pursuit of dominance. Through nuanced performances and gripping storytelling, ‘Sultanat’ promises to offer a thought-provoking examination of the complexities inherent in familial bonds. Set to premiere exclusively on HUM TV, audiences can anticipate an immersive viewing experience that navigates the intricate web of emotions and ambitions that define familial relationships. Stay tuned for ‘Sultanat’, a compelling portrayal of the intricacies of family dynamics.

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