“Now and Then” Song Featuring All Four Beatles Members to Finally Debut!

Moeeza Arshad November 1, 2023


In a momentous event that has left Beatles fans around the world thrilled, the long-anticipated final Beatles song, “Now and Then,” is set to be released next week. This masterpiece, originally composed and performed by the iconic John Lennon in the late 1970s, had remained inaccessible for decades due to technological limitations. However, thanks to cutting-edge AI technology, as showcased in Peter Jackson’s mesmerizing documentary “Get Back,” we can now experience this historic track like never before. The technology has made it possible to meticulously separate Lennon’s soulful vocals and piano from the original recording, giving us a fresh glimpse into the band’s genius.


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The excitement doesn’t stop there! A 13-minute documentary chronicling the making of “Now and Then” will premiere on November 1, providing fans with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the song’s resurrection. Then, on November 2, the world will witness the full release of this musical gem, further immersing us in the Beatles’ timeless legacy. To sweeten the deal, the release will be accompanied by the band’s iconic 1962 debut single, “Love Me Do,” featuring stunning cover art by renowned pop artist Ed Ruscha. With this momentous event on the horizon, Beatles enthusiasts can’t help but anticipate a nostalgic journey through time, bridging past and present in the world of music.

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