Overwhelming response of audience on the OST of ‘Dil Pe Dastak’

Moeeza Arshad March 1, 2024


The release of the OST for the upcoming drama serial “Dil Pe Dastak” has sparked an overwhelming response from the audience, with an outpouring of love and admiration. Titled “Sohneya,” the OST has rivetted listeners with its soulful melody and touching lyrics. Fans have flooded social media platforms with comments expressing their excitement and anticipation for the drama’s premiere.

“Dil Pe Dastak” promises to be a compelling addition to the television landscape, featuring an ensemble cast led by Khaqan Shahnawaz and Aena Khan. As the drama prepares to make its debut, viewers eagerly await the opportunity to immerse themselves in its appealing storyline and dynamic characters. With the success of the OST serving as a testament to its potential, “Dil Pe Dastak” is poised to entertain audiences and leave a lasting impression on their hearts. Stay tuned as this eagerly anticipated drama prepares to make its mark on the small screen.

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