Saba Qamar Showered with wishes ahead of LSA Performance

Moeeza Arshad October 6, 2023


As the night approaches for HUM 22nd Lux Style Awards, the talented actress Saba Qamar finds herself at the center of attention, not just for her anticipated performance but also for the mysterious sender of a bouquet avalanche. It seems that Saba has an anonymous admirer who is determined to make her feel special on this big night. Bouquet after bouquet of vibrant flowers has arrived at her doorstep, each vase bearing the encouraging message “Go rock it” in bold font.

This heartwarming gesture has captured the hearts of Saba’s fans and added an air of intrigue to her already much-anticipated performance. Saba Qamar is all set to grace the Lux Style Awards stage with what promises to be a show-stopping performance. Known for her acting prowess and captivating screen presence, Saba’s appearance at the awards ceremony has been generating buzz for weeks.

With the added charm of these thoughtful floral gifts and the message to “Go rock it,” it’s clear that her admirer want her to approach the evening with confidence and poise. As fans eagerly await her performance, Saba Qamar’s mysterious admirer has certainly contributed to the excitement and anticipation surrounding the Lux Style Awards, making it a night to remember for both the actress and her supporters.

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