Sarah and Imran Share their Excitement for “Namak Haram”

Moeeza Arshad October 17, 2023


The upcoming drama “Namak Haram” is not only generating buzz among fans but has also sparked the excitement of the show’s stars themselves. Sarah, the leading figure in the series, took to social media to gauge the anticipation of the audience. In a recent post, she asked, “Who’s excited for #namakharam?” The response was resounding, with fans expressing their eagerness for the show.


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Imran Ashraf, Sarah’s co-star in “Namak Haram” and a well-known name in the Pakistani entertainment industry, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm either. He responded to Sarah’s question with a simple yet emphatic, “Me me me me me.” The exchange between the two stars on social media has only intensified the anticipation for the drama. As “Namak Haram” draws nearer to its premiere on HUM TV, the excitement and enthusiasm of both the cast and the fans continue to build, promising a thrilling viewing experience for all.

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