Teasers Out Now For New Drama Serial ‘Be Rung’

Moeeza Arshad July 4, 2024


New HUM TV drama serial ‘Be Rung’ is set to grace the screens promising an emotional journey of love, betrayal, and resilience. Crafted by the talented writer Seema Munaf and directed by the acclaimed Irfan Aslam, this series brings together a powerhouse of production houses: Gold Bridge Media, TNI, and MD Productions.

Viewers can look forward to a narrative that delves deep into the complexities of relationships and the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity. The teasers, now out, have already begun to stir excitement, hinting at the heart-wrenching and poignant storylines that will unfold. The stellar cast of ‘Be Rung’ includes seasoned actors such as Saba Faisal, Haroon Shahid, and Zain Afzal, alongside a host of talented performers like Sukaina Khan, Agha Talal, and Summiya Buksh. Each actor is set to bring their unique touch to the multifaceted characters they portray.

The series promises to be a gripping watch, with each episode unraveling new layers of drama and emotion. As HUM TV prepares to launch this new drama, audiences eagerly await what is sure to be an unforgettable addition to the network’s repertoire.

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