Urwa Hussain shares life update with fans

Moeeza Arshad November 17, 2023


In a heartening life update, Urwa Hussain recently shared her elation on social media, expressing unparalleled happiness and gratitude for the journey she and her husband, Farhan Saeed, are undertaking. With 34 weeks already behind her, Urwa radiates positivity, stating that she has never been happier in her life and marking the commencement of an exhilarating countdown to parenthood with a heartfelt “alhumdulillah.”

Farhan Saeed, the soon-to-be father, joined in the celebration by openly expressing his admiration for Urwa in the comments. His words of love not only strengthen the couple’s bond but also resonate with fans, adding a touching layer to the unfolding story. As the couple embarks on this joyous journey into parenthood, their genuine connection and shared excitement become a source of inspiration for followers, creating a sense of joy and positivity within their community of admirers. The forthcoming chapters of their life are met with warm wishes and prayers, as fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of their bundle of joy.

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