Yasir Hussain hints a new venture in the making

Moeeza Arshad October 13, 2023


In a recent Instagram post, Yasir Hussain, the multi-talented actor, and entertainer, left his fans buzzing with excitement as he teased an upcoming project. With an enigmatic caption that read, ‘And there is something beautiful coming very soon for you guys,’ Hussain’s announcement has set the social media world abuzz. The actor shared a video that provides a glimpse into a work in progress, featuring his dedicated team, microphones, and a series of intriguing instructions.


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The voiceover accompanying the video hinted at the profound impact of social media, portraying it as a powerful platform for individuals to express their innermost ambitions, dreams, and selves. While the details of the project remain shrouded in mystery, the enigmatic teaser has left fans eagerly anticipating what Yasir Hussain has in store for them. As the anticipation continues to build, followers of this versatile artist are anxiously awaiting the big reveal, eager to see how he will utilize the digital realm to bring his creative vision to life. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project from Yasir Hussain.

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