Yasir Hussain shares adorable candid family video

Moeeza Arshad September 18, 2023


Yasir Hussain, the versatile actor and entertainer, recently tugged at the heartstrings of his followers by sharing an endearing candid family video on his Instagram. In this delightful snippet, Yasir playfully highlighted the humorous reversal of roles within his family. The video showcases his wife, Iqra Aziz, joyfully riding their son Kabir’s electric toy car, all the while accompanied by little Kabir himself who appears to be engrossed in a pretend mobile phone call.


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The simplicity of this moment beautifully captures the essence of family life and parenthood, making it relatable to many of his fans. With a caption that succinctly states, “Roles switched,” Yasir Hussain not only showcased his family’s adorable dynamics but also demonstrated a sense of humor and appreciation for the everyday moments that make parenthood so special. This heartwarming video not only resonates with his followers but also serves as a refreshing reminder that even in the world of entertainment, it’s the genuine, candid moments that often touch the hearts of fans the most.

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