Drama serial Khel explores the complexities of love and relationships, showcasing the various shades of emotions experienced by the characters. From the innocent beginnings to the depths of obsession, the drama portrays the different surfaces of love and the consequences that follow.

Writen by Jahanzaib Qamar, directed by Nadeem Siddique and produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions, Khel embraces the very talented and sprightly cast including Alizeh Shah, Yashma Gill, Feroz Kadri, Shahroz Sabzwari, Ahmed Randhawa, Jahanzeb Qamar, Javeria, Nadeem Siddique, Shamyl Khan, Farah Hussain and others. Khel intwines together the lives of two families, and a setting where the stage of life is used as an arena of sport by one, which alters the course of lives of everyone around them.

Khel revolves around Alishba and Sarim, played by Alizeh Shah and Shahroz Sabzwari respectively. Sarim is a person who exhibits a heartless demeanor, unknowingly causing immense turmoil in the lives of those around him. He is charming man but a notorious flirt, who unintentionally triggers a series of events that disrupt Alishba’s life completely. Alishba, on the contrary, finds herself caught in the midst of the commotion resulting from Sarim’s actions, while she disregards the truthful feelings of Faris.

Alishba’s existence transforms into an ongoing struggle as she tries to navigate through the repercussions of her association with him. Khel skillfully unravels the layers of deception and hidden secrets of people. The drama keeps viewers guessing as they navigate through the twists and turns, discovering the shocking truths buried beneath the surface. Watch Khel, Monday to Friday at 9pm only on HUM TV.

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