Sajal Ali Coming Soon on HUM TV in “Zard Patton Ka Bunn”

Moeeza Arshad April 29, 2024


Get ready to witness the brilliant performance of Sajal Ali again, in HUM TV‘s another masterpiece drama series, “Zard Patton Ka Bunn.” Teaming up with Hamza Sohail, Sajal Ali takes on the role of a determined young girl struggling to break free from the shackles of societal norms and strives to pursue her dreams.

Penned by acclaimed writer Mustafa Afridi and helmed by director Saife Hassan, this collaboration between Momina Duraid Productions and Kashf Foundation promises to deliver a gripping narrative of resilience and defiance. Set against the backdrop of a conservative community where opportunities for women are scarce, “Zard Patton Ka Bunn” follows the journey of our protagonist as she challenges the status quo and embarks on a courageous quest for self-discovery.

Despite facing opposition from her own family, particularly her brothers, she emerges as a symbol of hope and inspiration for countless girls, encouraging them to defy the odds and strive for a brighter future. With its powerful portrayal of courage and determination, “Zard Patton Ka Bunn” is poised to make a lasting impact on viewers, highlighting the transformative power of one individual’s unwavering resolve in the face of adversity. Stay tune to HUM TV for more trailers and insights as the drama nears its inception.

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