22nd HUM Lux Style Awards Airing 2nd Day of Eid

Moeeza Arshad April 8, 2024


The anticipation is palpable as the HUM 22nd Lux Style Awards gear up for an evening of glitz, glamour, and sheer entertainment. Scheduled to grace screens on the second day of Eid, this prestigious event promises a spectacle like no other, with a lineup that boasts some of the biggest names in the industry on HUM TV.

From electrifying performances by Farhan Saeed to the charming presence of Maya Ali, viewers are in for a visual feast that celebrates both style and talent in equal measure. Among the highlights of the evening are the hypnotizing performances by Kaifi Khalil and the dynamic trio comprising Faisal Kapadia, Shae Gill, and Young Stunners. Each act is poised to entrance audiences with its unique blend of energy, charisma, and showmanship.

With its unrivaled blend of sophistication and star power, the Lux Style Awards are set to deliver an unforgettable celebration that will leave a lasting impression on viewers. Be sure to mark your calendars and tune in to HUM TV for an exclusive glimpse into the glitzy world of the HUM 2nd Lux Style Awards, where style meets splendor in a night to remember only on HUM TV.

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