Adnan Siddiqui and the Art of Sublime Storytelling in ‘Khushboo Mein Basay Khat’

Moeeza Arshad November 28, 2023


In an in depth conversation, Adnan Siddiqui, the legendary actor, delved into the intricacies of his upcoming drama serial, “Khushboo Mein Basay Khat,” set to grace the screens under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions. The actor, known for his versatile roles, shared insights into his character, the attraction of the script, and the collaborative effort behind the scenes.

  1. The Long Wait for the Right Character:

Adnan Siddiqui expressed his eagerness to portray a character that resonates deeply.

“I was waiting to play a good character for a very long time, and I made a choice to do this character among 40 others, for any project to do good and come out triumphant you have to work really hard, that’s the key. It also make you feel good about the work you’ve done and efforts you’ve put in.”

Choosing this role among 40 others, Adnan Siddiqui emphasized the importance of hard work in bringing a project to fruition.

  1. Attraction to Poetry and Urdu Literature:

Expressing his personal affinity for poetry and Urdu literature, Adnan Siddiqui revealed that his interest deepened during the COVID times. Playing a character with a command over poetry presented its own challenges, and the actor acknowledged the significant support from the director, Mohammad Saqib Khan, in perfecting the delivery and narration.

“I’ve always had interest in poetry and Urdu literature, and I got more inclined towards it during covid times. But playing a character with prowess over this is a challenge in itself, because a poet has to cater to the proper delivery and narration of words. So as much as I was attracted to play this character, I had a lot of help from the director himself. He has massive knowledge of Urdu diction and delivery of its words and verses. So he was a huge help for me reaching the perfection in delivery of the character of a poet, the pauses, oration of words, and recitation of the verses was all accompanied by his prowess.”

  1. The Chemistry of Support:

Unlike typical dramas, “Khushboo Mein Basay Khat” is a rare blend of actor, writer, and director-driven elements. Adnan Siddiqui praised the writer, Amna Mufti, and director Saqib Khan as the pillars of support, shaping the excellence of his character, Ahmed Zaryab.

“Dramas and characters are commonly either actor driven, writer driven or director driven, but this character, Ahmed Zaryab is a chemical combination of all of them, which makes it a work of art itself. Both Amna Mufti and Saqib Khan have been the biggest support in manifesting the excellence of this character.”

  1. Improvisations for Added Charm:

While the character was finely crafted, Adnan Siddiqui added personal touches to enhance its depth. Details like the meticulous arrangement of cigarettes in a personal case and the character’s humming of songs were improvisations that contributed to the poet’s charm.

“The character was already finely crafted, and guidance by the director also made it complete, but yes, there were few things that I added to increase the charm of the poet by making him a person who is very mindful of his surroundings, he likes everything in place and like he shifts his cigarettes from the box to a personal case and does this humming of songs, that I added to it, and it enhanced the depth of the character.”

  1. Phenomenal Experience with Mohammad Saqib Khan:

Adnan Siddiqui expressed his admiration for director Mohammad Saqib Khan, describing the experience as “phenomenal.” Khan’s dual expertise as a brilliant director and actor added a unique dimension to the project, creating a seamless working environment.

“It was phenomenal working with Mohammad Saqib Khan. He’s not only a brilliant director but also a phenomenal actor himself, which is a lethal combination. It’s almost like a tailored situation to have such talents along with the massive diction and knowledge, all in a single person. Also he handles everything with such aptness that it was seamless working with him.”

  1. Stellar Performances by Co-Actors:

Working alongside Nadia Jamil and Kinza Hashmi, Adnan Siddiqui praised their remarkable talents. Nadia Jamil, in particular, was commended for seamlessly slipping into character, showcasing her expertise. Kinza Hashmi’s ability to grasp information and deliver spot-on performances from the very first scene left a lasting impression.

“She’s a brilliant and incredible actor just as she’s a remarkable person. It has always been an honor working with her. Also she is a phenomenal mother and loves her children unconditionally. When she is on set, she slips into the shoes of the character so smoothly that it looks absolutely effortless, but that of course is because of her expertise and brilliance of craft. Kinza also impressed me with her talent, it’s my first interaction with her and her ability to grasp the information has impressed me a lot, and her acting was spot on since scene one.

It was a fantastic experience working with seasoned actors like Rashid Farooqui, Saleem Mairaj, both maestros in their own right, and the gorgeous Sidra Niazi. The debutant Wania Ahmed is really talented herself. Each artist brought their unique craft to the drama, creating a promising and diverse ensemble.”

  1. A Message to the Audience:

In a final message to the audience, Adnan Siddiqui urged viewers not to expect a run-of-the-mill show. Having not taken on a project for the past four years, both he and Nadia Jamil chose “Khushboo Mein Basay Khat” for its uniqueness.

“My message to the audience is that, this is not some run-of-the-mill show! I haven’t worked for last 4 years and so hasn’t Nadia, so if we have chosen this script, there must be something different. As the saying goes; one should not only b different, but different with a class. So that’s the case with this drama, and people will love watching it surely. Another reason why audience should watch this is that it reflects the true legacy of HUM TV, the quality and artistic aspect of the show is just what HUM TV is known for, so surely it’ll be treat to watch.”

As the anticipation builds for “Khushboo Mein Basay Khat,” Adnan Siddiqui’s exclusive insights offer a glimpse into the passion, dedication, and collaboration shaping this upcoming HUM TV masterpiece. Khushboo Mein Basay Khat airs from  November 28, 2023, Tuesday at 8pm only on HUM TV.

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