Ali Zafar wins ‘Pakistani Singer Of The Year’ At DIAFA Awards!

Moeeza Arshad November 24, 2023


In a spectacular triumph for Pakistan’s music panorama, Ali Zafar has been crowned ‘Pakistani Singer of the Year’ at the prestigious Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards (DIAFA) in Dubai. Dressed in a stylish black suit and bow tie, the singer not only graciously accepted the award but also mesmerized the audience with a dazzling performance, showcasing his extraordinary musical talent. The host praised Zafar’s significant influence on the global music stage, recognizing the rich and diverse musical heritage of Pakistan.


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Expressing his gratitude to the awarding committee and attendees, Ali Zafar went beyond the realm of entertainment by acknowledging the ceremony’s focus on crucial causes. Addressing the longstanding issues in Gaza and Palestine, Zafar emphasized the role of artists as human beings first. After the ceremony, Zafar engaged in conversations with Bollywood and international personalities, further highlighting the global reach and influence of Pakistani artists on the grand stage. This recognition on an international platform adds to a growing list of Pakistani stars honored by DIAFA, underscoring the nation’s proud contributions to the global entertainment landscape.

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