Barbie fever has reached Pakistan – Our favourite actresses reimagined as iconic Barbies

Moeeza Arshad July 15, 2023


Barbie, the iconic movie that has captured the hearts of millions around the world even before the release, has been stirring quite the air now. The fever of the movie has now reached Pakistan, where our favourite Pakistani actresses, Mahira Khan, Hania Amir, Sajal Aly, Syra Yousuf, Mawra Hocane, and Saba Qamar, have been imagined as real-life Barbie dolls by the artist Saboor Akram. This imaginative transformation has taken the fashion industry by storm, generating excitement and sparking conversations about representation and unique beauties of Pakistan.


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Each actress involved in this recreation brings her own distinct style and persona to their respective Barbie representations. Mahira Khan, known for her grace and elegance, radiates sophistication in her Barbie form, while Hania Amir’s doll captures her youthful exuberance and infectious energy. Sajal Aly’s Barbie embodies her poise and versatility, and Syra Yousuf’s doll reflects her charming and effervescent personality. Mawra Hocane’s Barbie is the epitome of glamour and fashion, while Saba Qamar’s doll captures her bold and fierce spirit.

One of the most significant aspects of this Barbie fever in Pakistan is the celebration of beauty and diversity. For far too long, the narrow standards of beauty have dominated the society, overshadowing the unique features and talents of Pakistani women. However, this transformative project has shattered those stereotypes, embracing a wide range of physical appearances and showcasing the diverse beauty of Pakistani actresses.

The Barbie fever in Pakistan has created a positive societal impact by challenging long-held beauty ideals and fostering inclusivity. It has ignited conversations about representation and the need for more diverse role models in the media and entertainment industry. The project’s portrayal of Pakistani actresses as Barbies has broken barriers and shattered conventional notions of beauty, emphasising that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Furthermore, the representation serves as a powerful reminder that Pakistani women are not limited to the roles assigned to them by society. It showcases their strength, talent, and ability to excel in diverse fields, inspiring young girls to explore their own potentials and pursue their dreams.

By transforming these actresses into Barbie dolls, the representation encourages young girls to dream big and believe in themselves. It reminds them that they can pursue their passions, break stereotypes, and make a mark in any field they choose. These images become powerful role models, embodying resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges.

As the Barbie fever continues to captivate Pakistan, it serves as a powerful reminder that every girl has the potential to be the author of her own story, and that the sky is the limit when it comes to achieving their dreams. The dolls not only represent the actresses but also stand as symbols of empowerment, encouraging young girls to embrace their uniqueness and aspire to greatness. Barbie has truly become a reflection of the evolving face of beauty and empowerment in Pakistan.

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