Bushra Ansari shares beautiful peek into her grandma life

Moeeza Arshad September 16, 2023


In a heartwarming Instagram video that quickly captured the hearts of her fans, veteran actress Bushra Ansari shared a glimpse into her cherished role as a grandmother. The video, brimming with warmth and nostalgia, showcased Bushra knitting with delicate precision while her adorable granddaughter played with the knitting needles and wool beside her. The grandmother-granddaughter duo shared a precious moment as they engaged in this timeless craft together.


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In the accompanying caption, Bushra Ansari expressed her deep affection for her grandkids, highlighting the simplicity and purity of their love. She wrote, “My favourite role as a grandma… grandkids are adorable because they don’t argue and love you in a pure way.” This candid moment marked her return to the art of knitting, and she lovingly crafted a scrunchie for her granddaughter, Huria Ahmad, who proudly wore it to school. This heartwarming video serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring bonds that generations can share through traditions, creativity, and simple acts of love.

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