Farhan Saeed Expresses Gratitude as Jhok Sarkar’s Finale Wraps Up

Moeeza Arshad November 22, 2023


In a heartfelt Instagram post, Farhan Saeed, the brilliant actor behind ASP Arsalan in “Jhok Sarkar,” extended his sincere appreciation to fans and the entire team as the series reached its gripping finale. Farhan conveyed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and love received from audiences across the globe, transcending age groups and even attracting male viewers.


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The actor expressed his profound thanks, emphasizing the affection shown for the series. Farhan shed light on his initial motivation for taking on the script, revealing a desire to educate viewers about the harsh realities faced by our forces. He acknowledged the collaborative effort of the entire crew and cast, singling out director Saife Hasan and scriptwriter Hashim Nadeem for their contributions.

Farhan also highlighted the outstanding performances of fellow cast members Usman Javed, Asad Malik, Malik Raza, and Asif Raza Mir, along with the fantastic work of  Hiba Qadir and Mamya. Farhan recognized that the success of the project was a testament to the collective effort, attributing much credit to the director for bringing the vision to life. As the finale concludes, Saeed expressed anticipation for future endeavors, leaving fans eager for what the talented actor has in store.

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