Premiere date announced for ‘Khushbo Mein Basay Khat’ featuring Kinza Hashmi

Moeeza Arshad November 23, 2023


Excitement is building as HUM TV announces the much-anticipated premiere date for drama serial ‘Khushbo Mein Basay Khat,’ featuring the talented Kinza Hashmi in a role that promises to showcase her in a new light. Known for her versatility and brilliant performances, Kinza takes on the character of a girl who dwells in small lanes and is covered in mystery. This hints at a transformative role for the actress, adding an air of mystery and intrigue to the upcoming drama.


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Viewers can mark their calendars for Tuesday, November 28th, at 8 PM, as this new chapter unfolds on HUM TV. The premiere of ‘Khushbo Mein Basay Khat‘ promises a fresh perspective on Kinza Hashmi’s acting prowess, and fans are eager to witness her portrayal in a character that delve into the intricacies of life in small lanes while maintaining an air of mystique with the veils symbolism. With a stellar cast and a unique narrative, the premiere is poised to draw audiences with its blend of storytelling and the promise of Kinza Hashmi’s exceptional performance.

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