Footballer Karim Benzema performs Umrah after moving to Saudi Arabia

Raheel boricha August 9, 2023


In a remarkable display of devotion and sporting prowess, Karim Benzema, the celebrated captain of Al Ittihad and Ballon d’Or laureate, continues to shine in the Saudi Pro League. The devout Muslim athlete recently shared a touching video of himself performing Umrah in Makkah, draped in the traditional white ihram. Benzema’s heartfelt expression of “Mashallah, the best of the best. Alhamdulillah” resonated deeply with fans and followers as he engaged in Tawaf, circling the sacred Kaaba seven times. This marks Benzema’s second Umrah pilgrimage, affirming his profound connection to Saudi Arabia’s rich spiritual heritage.

As the reigning Ballon d’Or winner and a key figure in the French 2018 World Cup victory, Benzema’s integration into Al Ittihad has invigorated the Saudi Pro League’s global appeal. The league’s ability to entice internationally renowned players, including the likes of Ronaldo and Henderson, highlights its commitment to becoming a hub of football excellence. With football giants like Benzema embracing Saudi Arabia’s vibrant culture and spiritual significance, the league’s magnetic pull continues to draw both players and fans alike, propelling the sport to new heights on a global stage.

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