Goher Mumtaz gleams bright on Times Square Screens

Moeeza Arshad September 15, 2023


In a dazzling display of recognition, Goher Mumtaz, renowned musician and songwriter hailing from Pakistan, recently found himself illuminating the iconic screens of Times Square in New York City. The artist took to his Instagram account to share this remarkable milestone with his followers, expressing heartfelt gratitude to Gibson Guitar for the honor. In his post, Goher Mumtaz conveyed, “Thank you @gibsonguitar for the tribute. It’s been a pleasure being your brand ambassador over one decade from Pakistan. Truly humbled.”

This remarkable moment not only signifies Goher Mumtaz’s enduring dedication to his craft but also highlights the global reach of his musical influence. As a brand ambassador for Gibson Guitar for over a decade, he has not only contributed to the brand’s prestige but has also been a cultural ambassador, bridging the gap between Pakistan’s vibrant music scene and the international music industry. Times Square, with its colossal screens and vibrant energy, served as the perfect canvas to celebrate the harmonious journey of a Pakistani artist who has made waves around the world. Goher Mumtaz’s name now shines even brighter, echoing his remarkable achievements and his dedication to music that transcends borders.

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