Nadia Jamil hails Wahaj Ali for visiting the Child Protection Welfare Bureau

Moeeza Arshad September 15, 2023


Pakistani actress and social worker Nadia Jamil recently commended actor Wahaj Ali for his heartfelt visit to the Child Protection Welfare Bureau in Lahore. In a heartwarming social media post, Nadia shared her deep appreciation for Wahaj’s genuine commitment to the welfare of these children. She highlighted that not everyone is granted access to this sacred space, emphasizing the trust she places in Wahaj and his family.


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During their visit, Wahaj and his family spent quality time with the children, ensuring that each child felt valued and cherished. Wahaj engaged with the younger boys, imparting valuable lessons on self-respect and respect for others, encouraging them to handle conflicts with love and knowledge. Unlike some celebrities who merely take photos and depart, Wahaj’s sincerity in his interactions was palpable, leaving a lasting impact on the children. The visit brought smiles, joy, and inspiration to both the children and Rizwana, whom they visited afterward. Nadia expressed her gratitude to Wahaj for spreading happiness wholeheartedly, underscoring the profound joy that can be found in fulfilling one’s duty. She also extended an invitation to those willing to contribute to the children’s well-being through storytelling or motivational talks.

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